In aligning with Qatar National Vision 2030. The  boasts some of the best Sport and Wellness Facilities in the Country. As commitment to serve the sporting and wellness needs of the institution and the general public, Sport and Wellness offers its internal community (students, faculty, staff and immediate families of faculty/staff) and members of the public (including alumni) access to a myriad of international standard sporting and wellness facilities.

These exceptional facilities are complimented with professional, passionate and knowledgeable staff on hand to provide you with the best service possible. Our facilities also include pristine washroom and shower facilities to make for full service experience! 


Availability and access are addressed using two distinct scheduling frame-works: 

Sport and Wellness Operating Hours and Extended Hours:

Sunday-Thursday   Saturday
6:30am-8:00pm   2:00pm-6:00pm

Sunday- Wednesdays

8:00pm-11:00pm   8:00pm-12:00am
Fridays   Saturdays

7:00am- 2:00pm & 6:00pm-11:00pm


Sport and Wellness Facility General Booking Protocols
  • All S&W facilities must be booked via the Sport and Wellness booking system-
  • Facility schedules are generally operated utilizing a 7-day advance booking window.
  • When making a S&W Facility booking, it is a requirement that all pertinent guest(s) information is correctly on the system to ensure Campus access in accordance within prescribed timelines.
  • All bookings must be paid online prior to the booking to receive required confirmation.
  • The cancellation notice period for all facility bookings is generally 24 hours.
  • There are no refunds on fees. Sport and Wellness offer equivalent credit vouchers that can be utilized on the booking system.

Adding External Guests

The health and safety protocols are in place to ensure that we provide all users with international standard Sport and Wellness facilities and foster a positive, fun and safe environment for all who enter the campus. It is a requirement to add all your guests to a booking therefore Sport and Wellness have adopted a feature called “My Guest List” providing you the option to create and manage your own guest list. All your guests need to be inputted once and can then be added to a booking by a simple click of a button and you’re done!

Sport and Wellness Guest Pass

During S&W operating hours, the internal community (students, faculty and staff and immediate family of faculty and staff) have FREE access to Sport and Wellness facilities. If your guest list includes outside participants- please know, a moderate Guest Pass fee will be charged to the booker and fee payment must be made by the student, faculty, staff or immediate family member of faculty and staff to confirm the booking and activate the Guest Pass/es for campus access.

(The base rental rate of the Sport and Wellness facility will not be exceeded when adding your outside guests (e.g. inviting Alumni Guests or Public Guests for a 3G Football Pitch Booking, the base rental rate of the pitch is QAR 175 which cannot be exceeded when adding your outside guests during S&W operating hours. The same principal will be applied to other, more expensive facility rentals).

Guest Pass Rates

Alumni Guest Public Guest

20 QAR

per Alumni Guest per booking

30 QAR

per Public Guest per booking