Trainerize Application

Our Trainerize application helps you to connect, chat and stay active with your assigned trainer in order to successfully reach your goal. This app is leading in technology to aid in effective virtual personal and group training, accountability and adaptability to client needs.

Inside the Trainerize app is where you will find your training program, healthy habit reminders and progress stats, as well as nutrition resources all pre-set by your trainer! In addition to this, you will have the flexibility to adjust or modify your workouts as required, or add in additional activity, habits and reminders. Open your app daily to find your list of “things to do” and complete them to earn participation badges and track new personal records. Your recipes and nutrition resources are found in the meal plan section of the app. 

All workouts will be provided and programmed into the app for you. Workouts will come with a description and each exercise will have 3 resources to guide you through the movement: described video, step-by-step guide and a video loop. This ensures that even on your own, you are getting the best guidance possible – almost like having your own PT at home!

Trainerize also syncs with MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Apple Watch and Withings for more advanced tracking of heart rate, sleep, steps, calories consumed and burned and more.